Boudoir: Defined.



Definition-A woman’s bedroom or private room for dressing or resting.

There is something sexy about a woman. Maybe it’s the feminist in me… or maybe it’s the fact that women are EFFIN AMAZING! Either way, read on.

Since my introduction into the world of Boudoir, I have noticed a few things.

  • The images that come up when you do a google search are of these beautiful women (respect), which are usually not larger than a size 4.
  • The women that we see play into the idea of what society says is beautiful. You know… that C-Section scar that you wear proudly… nope. Not here!
  • Women of color are rarely featured in Boudoir Art. No shade (in every shade), but we are much more than half naked, big booty, video vixen models.

“Showing off your ass ’cause you’re thinking it’s a trend
Girlfriend, let me break it down for you again”

As an artist, I would be repressed not to point out that my main goal is to highlight the beauty that you [the client] would not normally see within yourself. Your soul, your energy, your being; all beautiful. Welcome to the [new] definition of Boudoir Photography by yours truly… dj adams.




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