Melanated Maternity.



Definition-A dark brown or black substance that is a natural part of people’s skin, hair, and eyes

Almost more than I love Boudoir, there is my love for Maternity Photography. Hmmmm…. Just think. The female body is a vessel, and the transitions we (as the female species) go through, is unlike anything in the universe. She forms the perfect growing space for another being. Her body morphs into what this being needs it to be, and then when they are born, she continues to supply everything they (new baby) needs.

“June 10th, 1999, I been on the grind
since the birth of my son, it’s been about, way more then rhymes…I’m so blessed to have a boy and a girl, everyday they bring joy to my world”

-Talib Kweli

Back in March, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph a great friend of mine. You see, Joy is unlike any human I know. Her spirit, personality, and dedication to the Oakland Raiders will make the slipperiest of minds remember her. Through the images captured, her soul radiates. Now that her little nugget is here, he is blessed with such a caring mother. Welcome to the world Young King Thijs!





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