Flower Child.

Flower Child.

Definition:  a young person in the 1960s and 1970s who rejected the traditional values of society; a hippie who advocates love, beauty, and peace.

Origin: English

When I met Mary Dee, I had no idea she would become such an amazing addition to my life. See, Dee (as we call her) is married to my beautiful fishy friend Brittany. Both of these women have helped me learn and grow beyond measure. They are lovers of peace, and support my art like no other.

“Dressed in purple velvets
With a flower in her hair
Feel her gentle spirit
As the champa fills the air
She wears rubys on her fingers
Tiny bells upon her toes
She’s the finest thing
I’ve ever seen
Love that ring inside her nose

Flower child yeah, flower child
Flower child oh yeah”

-Lenny Kravitz

A milk bath is created by taking powdered milk and corn starch, and mixing it into a bath tub. When I first saw images of milk baths, I was in awe, and had to try it! So, when Mary Dee came to visit, I grabbed some sunflowers (her favorite) and asked her lace unmentionables, and her long black hair to bless my lens. She agreed, and I’m so thankful she did.

Mary Dee, you are the definition of a Flower Child. Your soul radiates positive energy, and your smile exudes beauty. Here’s to you my love.




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