Sweet Serendipity.


Definition: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

When I first met Tiffany, we were both bright eyed and bushy tailed eager little Grad Students. We shared our #GradSchoolProblems… and just like her last name, our “bright eyes” quickly dissipated.

Now known as Tiffany Abera, she gave me the profound opportunity of being one of my first Boudoir models. She has this gorgeous brown skin, beautiful curls, the body of a soccer player, and her house has the most amazing natural light ever! Not one strobe was used here ladies and gents. I must have been too excited, here’s why.

“And by the skin of my teeth

I ain’t gonna stress Cause the worst ain’t happened yet

Somethings watching over me

Like Sweet Serendipity

Sweet Serendipity”

-Lee DeWyze


Any good photographer can tell you how important it is to back up all of your images… TWICE! Well, I didn’t do such thing, and I paid for it when I lost all of Tiffany’s amazing images. Trust me when I say, I kicked myself in the ass… several times! In attempts to get them recovered, I reached out to Drive Savers through my membership with Professional Photographers of America. They told me that I am covered by the Indemnification Trust that PPA has, and that I could send in my SD card to see if the images could be recovered. If they could I would only be out of pocket by a small deductible.

Seeing how this was a session I did to build my Boudoir Portfolio, I went back and forth with the idea. Drive Savers has an amazing recovery rate for PPA members, and I have no doubt that my images would have been recovered.

I proceeded on with everything else I had going on, and kept the thought of these lost files in the back of my mind. In December, I had my Mac Book Pro rebuilt to better suite my photographic needs, and wouldn’t you know it… ALL of Tiffany’s images magically appeared in Lightroom! Nope! I don’t know how it happened, and honestly don’t care. I honestly feel like the universe was telling me that I was not ready to handle these amazing photos, and presented them to me when I was.

Dear Universe,

Thank You.




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