Grunge Girl.

Defined: a style of rock music characterized by a raucous guitar sound and lazy vocal delivery.

Being from Seattle, I know a thing or two about the Grunge Scene… You know, Seattle is the birthplace of this culture and lifestyle. But that’s not what makes this particular session one to remember…

“I’m worse at what I do best
And for this gift, I feel blessed
Our little group has always been
And always will until the end”

-Nirvana|Smells Like Teen Spirit

Here’s my question… where in the Grunge handbook does it say that Grunge girls can’t be sexy? I’ll wait…

But seriously though, Cami you showed up and showed all the way out! Guys! She even has a matching tatt with her Best friend Sam… on her ass!!! How can you not love this girl?? From the first frame to the last, this session was such a blast (ha-I’m such a poet). Ladies and gents, I present to you “Grunge Girl Gone Rouge”


Cami Fanning-1Cami Fanning-18Cami Fanning-27 (1)Cami Fanning-31Cami Fanning-38Cami Fanning-45Cami Fanning-50Cami Fanning-53Cami Fanning-56

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