Defined: “I Love You.” One letter in I, Four in Love, and three in You.

So, by now you know that I have the most amazing Fiance in the world! When we decided to renovate our house, we did it with the understanding that I would be using the new bathroom for my milk bath sessions. Rae came to the studio with a memorable message on her wrist… 143.

“There aren’t many more ways and words that I can say
So I choose to tell you how I feel in a numerical way’
Got so tired of trying to find the most complicated way
To say it to you so I simplified and broke it down
To 143 – and that means I love you”

-Musiq Soulchild|143

Representing for the business women out there doing their THING! Blue pumps to that make a statement, black blazer so we know she’s serious, and a flower in her hair. This was hella fun! Thank you for blessing my lens my dear.


Rae Safford-3Rae Safford-7Rae Safford-13Rae Safford-15Rae Safford-17Rae Safford-22Rae Safford-27Rae Safford-28 (1)Rae Safford-40Rae Safford-45Rae Safford-49

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