Happy Birthday Ryker!

Happy Birthday Ryker!

Defined: a day of a person’s birth.

You wanna know what’s awesome? Being able to document a pregnancy! You know what’s even better? Being allowed to document a birth!

“Happy birthday to you

this is your day

On this day for you

we’re going to love you in every way

This is your day, your day

Happy birthday to you, to you”

“Happy Birthday” | New Kids on the Block

Ronnie and Emma Perez are the new parents of a beautiful baby boy! Ryker Conner-Lee Perez was born on Monday September 4, 2017. Talk about “Labor Day”, huh? The good news is, at 8lbs. 0oz, and 21 inches long he made his grand appearance on his due date. Just like his big sister Eliana, Ryker, has curly hair and the most beautiful little eyes ever!

Congratulations to the Perez family! It was a true pleasure to capture your memories… again. I’ll see you in a few weeks for your newborn pics!! #FromTheWombToTheSandBox



Emma_Perez_Birth-76Emma_Perez_Birth-82 copyEmma_Perez_Birth-73

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