Risky Red


Definition: Full of the possibility of danger

While some may stray away from danger, women like Erica Webb dance on the line between sexy and precarious, and she does it well. Erica gave me the incrediable opportunity to capture her desire to mix her love of dark dramatics and sex appeal. This allowed for a red light bath session completed with dark purple water and grainy photos. Erica’s fiery personality bled into the wonderful environment and film. Her spirit allowed the film to spark, ignite, and come to life… on the dark side.

“Just tell me what’s going on
You been off, going back and forth
I been right here, right on point
And if you dare, you should risk me, yeah
You should risk me, risk me.”

-Jacob Latimore|Risky

Erica Webb-9Erica Webb-11Erica Webb-13Erica Webb-16Erica Webb-21Erica Webb-17Erica Webb-24Erica Webb-26Erica Webb-33Erica Webb-37


Hair and Makeup by Brittany Handy.

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