The Travel Diary Experience

Havana, Cuba | January 29-31, 2018

|Tuesday, January 9, 2018, 9:04 AM|

“Good morning! This is Bintu. Hope all is well. I have a question.”

“Good morning sis! Ask Away!”

“I may need a photographer for an engagement photo shoot…

In Cuba.

So, I love your work first of all.

This is short notice but are you available to come down any of those days to shoot us?”

|January 29, 2018|

Dear Travel Diary,

What an amazing opportunity this is! I am truly inspired and in awe of the amount of love I’ve received from Bintu and Demetrius. First of all, the Airbnb we are staying in is absolutely beautiful. I arrived after 10:00 PM tonight, and we hit the ground running starting with drinks (DUH) and a personal pizza served to me on printer paper! Then, we danced in the street singing Bob Marley as loud as we could surely upsetting people that may have been trying to sleep. *Shrugs* VIVA LA CUBA!!!

I am so excited for tomorrow!

|January 30, 2018|

Dear Travel Diary,

This morning, after about 3 hours of sleep or so I woke up to made to order breakfast complete with Cuban coffee, and some of the most breathtaking views like, EVER! Since Wi-Fi is kinda scarce here, I did what any respecting photog would… I took pictures of my food, and hella selfies (cuz I’m mad cute!) while I waited for Bintu and Demetrius to get ready. Today is going to be magical! The weather is perfect (actually, it’s hot AF) and I am feeling mad creative which was probably the caffeine kicking in, LOLZ!


“OMG, Deej… what happened next?”

Glad you asked, we hit the streets of Old Havana, and had a fucking blast! First stop… Libations for me (come on, you should know this by now) and food for Bintu and Demetrius considering I’m the one who had breakfast… they were getting pretty for my camera.


Now, the real fun begins! Bintu and Demetrius have a crazy love affair with music. They know every lyric to pretty much every song and our entire trip was literally a mixtape. Bintu is also the creator and brains behind her Non-Profit Heart Beats and Hip Hop which “seeks to erase health disparities in urban communities by using the culture of hip-hop”. So what better way to pay homage to those who paved the way for us to be great? Yup, Hip Hop inspired wardrobe and part 1 of their Travel Diary Experience.

GAAAAAHHH! Like, can you even deal?!? I sure the hell can’t! But hold on to your britches, cuz this shit gets better! So, Bintu is an Alpha Kappa Alpha and Demetrius is an Alpha Phi Alpha and if you know ANYTHING about black culture, you know that when you’re Greek it’s like you’ve been elevated to an entirely new world. Being raised in Seattle, this was not really a thing. Then I moved to the South where it very much is THEE THING! From pledging to stepping to strolling if there is one thing I know it’s NEVER to break the stroll line… EVER! Part 2 of The Travel Diary Experience here in Havana is dedicated to always putting #FamilyPhirst!

The 3rd stop on this excursion is a formal affair! Bintu put on the prettiest dress, and Demetrius came out just as dapper as he possibly could. We captured some amazing images on the steps of La Guarida despite almost getting arrested (a risk I was totally willing to take), then we made it to the coast for an incredible sunset paired with some dancing and pure adoration of all things melanin (big ups to Demetrius for the suggestion… you were right!). This right here was my favorite part of today.

Now that work is done (for Bintu and Demetrius) we are able to relax and take in some great drink specials… don’t ask how many I’ve had. Just know, we met a French guy who was the plug for everything. Some peeps from back in Atlanta enjoying ice cream but joined us for a drink (after Demetrius chase them down), I even smoked a Cuban Cigar… yes, asthma… and I almost died! LOL but again… VIVA LA CUBA! This puts an end to my first 24 hours in Havana, Cuba. Carlon and Talitha, can’t wait to link up back in the A!

| January 31, 2018 |

Dear Travel Diary,

Today, I got to be a tourist with 2 amazing tour guides after breakfast and coffee of course. We saw some of the most amazing architecture, had some great beer, listened to a dope ass live band, saw the most beautiful art and oil paintings, then we walked for miles in the flea market. After that, FOOD and this sweet Cuban Layered Coffee that absolutely blew my mind! Oh, and I bought my wife a hat that you can roll up for easy travel!

After dinner, we rush back to our Airbnb so that I could grab my luggage and grab a few quick balcony shots… Y’all, they got all dressed up for me again! But in record time, cuz my taxi was on the way and I had a 10PM flight back to the States.

|February 1, 2018|

Dear Travel Diary,

I had so much fucking fun! As I sit here in the Miami Airport with a 7-hour layover… I turn to you. Havana was absolutely amazing and I’m so thankful that Bintu contacted me. So often we travel and are completely consumed with our technology that we forget to be in the moment and present for the things we are experiencing.  Launching The Travel Diary Experience has been a dream of mine, where I travel with my clients and document their memories and finally, MY TIME IS HERE! The only thing I want to know is, “where will you take me next?”.

Until next time…

Love & Light.