It’s all in the Tribe ✨

It’s no secret that I have THEE best tribe ever. Listen, I’m almost 32, and if it’s one thing the last few years have taught me it’s that surrounding yourself with people who are down for you 100% is important. When we are together, we laugh, we twerk, we love each other!  I love these women. There has never been more amazing people in my life that I can be completely authentic with.  They are my biggest support system, and my extra brains when I need them to be. They are self-less, and always willing to help no matter what I ask.

I’m thankful!

And YES! These hoodies are available for purchase. All sizes for shirts and hoodies are uni-sex and shipping is not included.

Black or White Hoodie with Gold: $45

Black or White Tee-Shirt with Gold: $35

Black or White Tank-Top with Gold: $35

Black or White Boy Shorts with Gold: $30

Black or White Bikini Undies with Gold: $30

(Shoutout to Le Boo Boo, she had studying to do so she missed the shoot.)



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