Stacy | Empowerment Branding

Branding sessions are some of my faves for a few reasons. The first, we get to walk around and chat about everything! Another reason I love them is because I get to witness other bad ass boss babes doing their THANG!

This is Stacy, she’s a Realtor in Atlanta, and an amazing human. For this session she met me at my studio in Marietta Square, got her makeup done by the amazing Renee. then we talked and giggled as we gallivanted through the square trying to avoid any holiday decorations… HAHA!

Thanks for all you do Stacy!



LaTesha | Empowerment Boudoir | BASK

She’s a queen with a little bit of savage…

Or maybe a lot of savage! Latesha, or Tesha as I call her, graced my lens with guns blazing. This sesh incorporated a seductive shower element that took sexy to the next level. Make no mistakes, Tesha is not one to play with. She took me to the top slowly and finished this sesh like the fierce savage that she is.

BASK | A sensual study of the feminine.



Jada | Empowerment Boudoir | BASK

…I can only promise to be ruthless, because after what you’ve done, you deserve nothing less.

Jada is on the prowl. Her Bask sesh began and ended on complete beast mode. I could feel her tantalizing energy with every click of my camera as she took me on a journey that kept me on fire long after it was over.

BASK | A sensual study of the feminine.


Happy International Women’s Day!













These are a few words that come to mind when I think about all the greatness women are. These words signify the conversations I’ve had with women, and the feeling I desire every woman to have. On this International Women’s Day, I want to say thank you to all of the fierce ass women who have blessed my life, and my lens. I celebrate you, QUEEN!

Erica_Vday_2019-28BASK Alex-25DJAP_Branding_-44Jay-6.jpgDJAP_Branding_-95DJAP_Branding_-126Mel_Vday_2019-18Cabin_2019-2Del_Vday_2019-7Emily_LeVan-2Jones_Family_Christmas-99Karissa_Vday_2019-1Cabin_2019-30.jpgly_re-edit-1Peaches_Vday_2019-24Sirajah_Family-88Tanya_Vday_2019-10Abera_Maternity-83LaTesha_BASK-50BASK_Theresa-2Caandace_Bask-7Denae_Maternity-13Jill_V-46Emma_Branding-2jada-1Mattice-3AKA-58Stacy_Branding-47Tiffany_B&B_Newark-17Nehemie_Passion_Project-1Jeannine-32DJAP_Branding_-150

It’s all in the Tribe ✨

It’s no secret that I have THEE best tribe ever. Listen, I’m almost 32, and if it’s one thing the last few years have taught me it’s that surrounding yourself with people who are down for you 100% is important. When we are together, we laugh, we twerk, we love each other!  I love these women. There has never been more amazing people in my life that I can be completely authentic with.  They are my biggest support system, and my extra brains when I need them to be. They are self-less, and always willing to help no matter what I ask.

I’m thankful!

And YES! These hoodies are available for purchase. All sizes for shirts and hoodies are uni-sex and shipping is not included.

Black or White Hoodie with Gold: $45

Black or White Tee-Shirt with Gold: $35

Black or White Tank-Top with Gold: $35

Black or White Boy Shorts with Gold: $30

Black or White Bikini Undies with Gold: $30

(Shoutout to Le Boo Boo, she had studying to do so she missed the shoot.)



Alex | Empowerment Boudoir

“I am not beautiful like you, I am beautiful like me.” – Unknown

In this empowerment sesh, Alex explored the freedom to be her. From her captivating eyes, to her intimate smile, Alex brought the goddess to my lens and shared the most important love – love for self.

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Candace | Empowerment Boudoir | BASK

Last year, I made the promise to myself that I would explore my creativity without limits. Being an Empowerment Photographer has become so much more that pretty pictures; it has been a life changing experience that has allowed me to bring creativity and thoughts to life. We are 6 weeks into 2019, and the party is just getting started.

During this Empowerment Boudoir session, Candace embraced her inner sex goddess. With props that ranged from handcuffs to masks, I really had no expectations for the items that accompanied her to this bad ass sesh.

Here’s to celebrating all things sensual.

BASK | A sensual study of the feminine.